Free One-click WeChat Mini-program Shop
Free creating mini-program
One-click to open shop
Customer Engagement
WeChat eco-system
Fast reaching social circles
Order Management
Back-office solutions
Efficiency and accuracy
Mobile Solutions
Distribution management
Marketing and promotion functions
Global Destination Resource and Service System
Direct Reach Global Product Market
Curated global resources and products, support one-click push to mini-program shop
Private product repository
Independent product management, easy and convenient
POI Resource Library
Automatic POI data refresh, and shared POI resources, support fast customized travel planning
Shop Operation Dashboard
Mini-program execution data statistics and analysis, help making data-driven decisions
Product Modules
Destination Resources
Package Products
Inventory Management
Purchase Management
Order Process
Customer Engagement
Customer Relationships
Finance and Data
Poster Square
A market place for resources exchange with poster design toolset
  • Central plaza to help quickly find destination service resources and get free industry information
  • Quick deal making enables one-key posting and direct connect of demand and supply
Personalized and Customized Itinerary
    Personalized and Customized Itinerary
    Trip planning service
    Personalized planning
    System generated customized travel book
    Enriched content of destination POIs
    Free trial
kbxTrip supplier management platform
Fast distribution and broad distributors
  • Reach to global distributors
  • Operation support from platform
  • Flexible plan for marketing and promotion
  • Reliable transactions
  • Trusted payment management