Product and Service Price
Product and Service Price Notes
Registration Free -
Access global resources Free -
Global resources purchase Based on resource price FREE of charge to use kbxTrip system.
Technical support of WeChat mini-program Free -
Agency licensing for WeChat mini-program 0.5% of transaction amount Tencent WeChat requires certain agency license to open mini-program shop. If you don’t have it, you may license from kbxTrip with a minimal fee.
Transactions in WeChat mini-program Tencent WeChat charges 0.6% of transaction amount for WeChat Pay, kbxTrip charges 1% of transaction amount for technical services. Tencent WeChat charge rate is following Tencent official published rates. kbxTrip charge is FREE for the first year after registration.
Order management and process Free -
Customer management and engagement Free -
Basic data service for mini-program shop Free -
Service resource distribution Free -
Poster design and marketing Free -